Ear Protection & Special Moulds

Ear Moulds are end point attachments to the hearing aids which sit behind the ear. Moulds are preferred over the traditional tips because of their precise fitting inside the ear thus ensuring that the sound doesn’t leak out. Moreover, due to the precise size & fitting within the ear, these are very comfortable for the user and they negate any chances of discomfort or pain due to the use of hearing aids.

At Rehabilitaion Center there are 2 basic types of Ear Moulds i.e. Hard Mould & Soft Moulds suiting different needs and losses. At HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic we deal with all kinds of Ear moulds. Basic common varieties of custom Ear moulds include: RIC Open Ear Moulds, Open Fit EF Moulds, Shell Moulds, ¾ Shell Moulds etc. If you are not using an ear mould with your hearing aid, contact us today to get a comfortable experience.

Specialized Moulds

At Auris Hearing Care Professionals we specialize in fitting of ear moulds for different requirements. These ear Moulds can also be used as protection devices by individuals with normal hearing thresholds:

  • Teleprompter Mould: This mould is used by news & broadcasting professionals, law enforcement agents as well as reporters. The mould is specially designed as an open skeleton style offering clear two way communication.

  • Headset Mould for Pilots: These moulds are specially designed for Pilots to offer protected and clear meansof communication through the pilot headset. This mould is designed with an adjustable boom which can effectively accommodate the microphone positioning.

  • Racing Receiver Moulds: Racing motorsport drivers have a demand for clear and good quality communication to be able to follow the gist of the event and make decisions instantly. Carefully designed assessing the need, the racing receiver mould offers supreme comfort and an excellent sound suppression under the racers helmet.

  • Stethoscope Adaptor Mould: A boon for the doctors with a hearing loss, the Stethoscope adaptor mould helps the doctor with the use of stethoscope. Moreover, the mould provides enhanced comfort as well as enhanced hearing ability in a noisy medical environment.